Hard to choose heeeellp :))

I7-920 2.66 GHZ LGA1366 or I7-860 2.80 GHZ LGA1156??
i will have Asus P6T motherboard with 1866 mhz ram at 6Gb 2x 150 Gb HDD at 10000 Rps in raid 0 and 2x ATI 4890 in crosfire.
What CPU i should shoose to get the ultimate speed with this componets?? with out geting a botle trhoat??
I hope that some othe nice intelegent ppl will give me a nice answer ty in advence.
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  1. i7 920 LGA 1366 will give you the best performance and uprade path.

    Also, the Asus P6T is a LGA 1366 socket motherboard so unless you plan on using a different mobo the i7 920 is your best choice.
  2. ok then i7 920 it will be :) ty for the fast feedback
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