Can i add a 2nd radiator and pump to h100???

so i was wondering can i add a 2nd pump abd radiator to a h100 closed loop system this guy is selling this for 40 bucks and i orignaly started out wanting to do the clear line and resivior mod but think adding the pump and 2nd raditor would rly help i want 5 ghz on a fx8150 btw
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  1. IMO: You could use the radiator from the H100 in this loop but you can't use the pump that came along with it.

    You'd end up taxing one of the pumps a little too much if you were to have them placed in series anywhere in the loop thereby reducing the life of both plus efficiency of either.
  2. The pump you add would have to be identical in flow rate and head pressure,
    May as well save for a real loop rather than welding two H100's together
  3. there's no point of pushing 8150 to 5ghz unless you want to break some record.4~4.5 is enough.H100 is good enough for 4.5ghz.even some cheaper air coolers can alsodo this(silver arrow,d14 or phenteks)
  4. it seems like adding a resivior and changing the lines rly helps these what do you guys think and for 40 bucks i will get some extra parts
  5. There really is no point of a 5ghz 8150 :P
  6. ^+10!
  7. ok np thanks im at 4.7 ghz atm but 15 degree drops by changing the lines and adding a resivior seems good!?!?!?!?!?
  8. yes, the 15 degrees do sound good.
  9. A reservoir doesn't do anything for temps. Adding another poorly designed TT radiator and pump into the mix isn't going to do a lot as the H100 has enough surface area to dissipate the heat you need to reach this goal.

    I'm not sure I follow your reasoning as to why modding this unit with more junk is a good idea?
  10. chriscrothers9 said:
    ok np thanks im at 4.7 ghz atm but 15 degree drops by changing the lines and adding a resivior seems good!?!?!?!?!?

    Sounds good
    Seriously doubt it
    Yes, I have tried it
  11. if you want to mod it, why not just throw a car's radiator on it?,
    the pump may just about manage, and two almost certainly would,
    its is more an excersize of possibility though, rather than actual use,
    but you should see some decent drops given sufficient fan provisions
  12. galvanic corrosion is the other issue the OP will face once he's welded that alu+copper to work in the same loop. after that you can kiss your ingenious temp drop goodbye.
  13. Yup, didn't say it wouldn't bring a whole new set of probems hehe :)
    but thats the nature of modding as you know :)
  14. if he'd find an all copper rad+modded without that Thermalcrap watercooling kit, he might actually be in a world of joy and not cuss the setup if it had gunked up.
  15. Wouldn't be the first to use one, how do you think all this W/c lark got started?
    Op needs to think laterally and bigger imo :-)
  16. Thermaltake watercooling is a total fail-bucket.

    The $40 you're thinking of spending on this kit could net you some pretty decent used WC gear...or even new gear if you look around enough.

    TT rad has gone through several design phases, most included aluminum. Also, the fittings on much of the TT components corroded and were prone to leaking. TT pump is a total piece of poo.

    Better off keeping the H100 as-is. You aren't gaining anything by incorporating these components and creating a Frankenstein cooler. While I do fully support DIY and modding, no one wins when Thermaltake WC gear is involved.
  17. ^ oi, what happened to your watercooling venture ?

    * @ OP - leave the H100 as is, do yourself and everyone a favor and read up the watercooling sticky - save the cash and invest in a watercooling kit. in the end - you'll have a smile stretching across the north pole.
  18. It would seem better to just go full into a custom loop. Doesn't seem worth the effort when you could put that money and time into a real set-up.
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