Has any of you brainiacs got a look at the Lindows OS? I hear its a mutated linux/windows (as the name suggests) OS put out by Open source plus windows compatability?...what are the chances albeit very marketable.

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  1. Well...

    As for "its unique ability to run Linux® software titles as well as many popular Windows® (Nasdaq "MSFT") software titles"... so what? My Mandrake based box can do that just fine using Wine.

    They appear to have forked the Wine Project, then added better/different font handling and installation.

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    It probably is "marketable" but that's the problem, really. They're selling "their" product based on Wine OSS, and no (on their website) reference is given to where it comes from. Typical marketers "look what we make" bollocks when it's really just tweaking or relabeling, someone elses work.
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  2. Well, if it's based on Wine I think we'll have some interesting court cases to watch at least. Maybe then people will realize Linux has been able to run basic Windows programs for years and stop paying M$ a ton of money for what essentially amounts to a new desktop environment. Good thing all ours are free.

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  3. Off topic, but has anyone looked at the WHOIS entry for How long has it been like that?

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  4. very classy...
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