Flashing BIOS for support CPU i5 750?

Please, if i buy motherboard MSI P55-GD65 and CPU i5 750. Then i must flash BIOS for support CPU or not, or this motherboard alredy support i5 750?

Im little confused after looking this link...

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  1. Hi.

    U don't need upgrade the BIOS, the mobo comes with the BIOS that supprot the i5 by default.
  2. Yes, i know that. But this link confused me little :)

    Ty vm...
  3. Why?

    The "Result" column is just for information, the .zip file is the BIOS version that need the mobo to recognize the processor. BUT that doesn't mean that U need upgrade the BIOS, maybe if u want install a i7-8xx series, but the i5 should be supported without BIOS update.
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