New PC for Flight Simulator, OC Questions

I am going to build a new PC mainly for Flight Simulator. I only need a mild over clock to just over 4.0 gig from what I have read.

I intend to use my existing case a Corsair 800D and corsair 750 watt gold power supply, everything else new.
Hopefully the case will have enough airflow, not much input air in these cases.

For the motherboard I am looking at an MSI Z68A-GD65 G3 Motherboard
Processor socket 1155, Intel 2500K
CPU cooler Noctua NH-C12P SE14

Memory not sure yet, video card Nvidia 560Ti

This will probably be my last XP PC so I would like it to last as long as possible. So quality components are a must.

Is my choice of case motherboard, CPU and cooler OK for my use? I like the SE14 cooler as it blows air down to cool motherboard parts and is not to high and does not weigh as much as some others.

I do not really like the case as it hardly has any fans blowing air into the case, but I have it so will use it if possible. I currently have three 120mm fans on the top of this case pulling air through.

Any help or thoughts will be appreciated.

Regards MarkL
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  1. Are you planning on "flying" with FSX or the new MS FS? Neither are all that demanding so OCing a system for those games is a bit of overkill.

    Your plan is sound otherwise. Get some G.Skill 1600 DDR3 memory and you'll be good to go, but I would suggest jumping to Win 7 x64 as well.
  2. you dont want to use XP and play games
    xp is limited to dx9
    560ti is dx11
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    I will be flying FSX. Most people I know get better frame rates over complex airports with lots of AI aircraft added if they over clock to just over 4 gig. If you say have two Orbx cities close together that want to load together it will crash most PC's if they are not over clocked your frame rates will go down to under 10.

    I have a few older games that will not run under Win7 so I use a hot swap drive with two hard drives that I swap out. Most new games are still DX9 anyway so I will upgrade again one day to get DX11 when I need to. I do not play many games anyway and FSX with DX10 preview crashed a lot so I will be sticking with DX9.

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