Visiontek 5870 win7 64bit issues

I finished putting together a new system and I am having major issues with the video card. The mobo is a Asus p6t se, I7 920 (not overclocked), 6gb OCZ ram, and the Visiontek 5870. So win 7 64bit installed just fine. Windows sees the card. I install the drivers from ATI's website, 9.10. Reboot. I see the windows is starting screen but crash at this point. I can not get past it. But I go safe mode and hit device manager, roll back the drivers to MS version. Reboot. All good. Obviously I don't have any high end card response, just a plain VGA. I ran drive sweeper and the ccleaner to clear the registry, Try again but just install the driver, no CCC or anything. Same thing. I have a ticket open with ATI and I am waiting to hear. I doubt much will come of it because i can't get any decent data for them, since the drivers can never really be installed when I pull the dxdiag and msinfo.

So since I am still in RMA I need to figure out what I should do. Is it the card, the mobo or just crap drivers and wait. So HELP lol. Let me know what other info will be helpful.

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  1. not sure I can help as I'm using an older 4000 series card, but what does the debug screen say ? You can disable automatic reboots from the f8 menu.

    Is it a completely clean install? Your text seems to indicate that.
    From work I've seen many odd driver issues stemming from reusing the same windows image on different hardware, so if it isn't a clean install, I'd try to install again (on an usb stick or whatever, so u don't ruin your system completely)
  2. Try downloading and installing the whole package for both 9.9 and 9.10. Also, check Visontek's website to see if they have any drivers specific to their card.
  3. Did you try the drivers on the CD/DVD that came with the card?
  4. it is not actually rebooting, there is no BDoD, just loss of video and lock up. I have nothing much to go on in the even viewer. no real error other than the critical kernel lost power when I have to reset the box. The install is fresh, brand new box. Somehow at one point I did get just the drivers installed. I ran 3dmark, 18867. I ran the video render test in sandra then I ran the memory test, crash. No blue screen but text on the screen in yellow, but very blurry and unreadable. I rebooted. Windows loaded, everything got a purple tinge and windows was locked up. Rebooted to safe and blew out the driver. Back to square one. The version of drivers on the dis is the 9.10 version. Visiontek's website does not even list my card or OS in the driver section, which could be part of the issue. Everything is too new. While a pain I am half tempted to RMA the mobo, but I am not really sure that is the problem. Still waiting to hear from ATI. Will call them in a little bit for status update.
  5. What is the brand, and model of your PSU?
  6. PSU is a corsair 750 watt. So little update. I did RMA the mobo. Newegg was very nice in letting me buy a new one then refund the price once they receive the RMA. Or at least that is what they told me they would do. Still nice in my opinion. Anyway I was rather amazed that win 7 didn't cry when I fired it up with the new mobo, but it worked. The ATI drivers installed and after reboot no issues. Guess it was a bad mobo. Ran 3dmark with an 18300ish score. About what it was before. CPU is not OC or anything yet. The windows experience meter gave me a 6 on graphics though. I think that is a bit harsh Bill Gates. I suggest you fix that. I am hesitant to run any of the Sandra video tests. I ran the memory test on the last card and it was done after that. Makes me freaky. Any other good ways to test this thing out and make sure it is good. Have not had a chance to play any games yet. Will try that tonight.
  7. Hello. Did you find any solution for the Graphic card error?

    I have exact the same problem with my new on my computer.

    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
    Corsair TX 750W PSU
    OCZ Platinum Dual Channel 2*2gb 1600mhz
    Win 7 x64
    XFX Radeon HD 5870 1GB GDDR5
    Samsung Spinpoint F1 750GB SATA 300 32mb

    Is it RMA case or?

    Thanks in advance.

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