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Hey guys I am going to be building a Pentium 4 3.2ghz overclocking machine I am hoping to get this thing to 4ghz without using any water or ice cooling I wanto use air.
I wanto know is it possible for 4ghz from a 3.2ghz Prescott CPU with air cooling?
And is 800 MHz DDr2 ram the ram I should be using?
I will be putting in as many fans as my power supply can handle with allowing it enough power to OC I will probably be using a 450 watt macron psu is it a stable psu to use and if not why?
And is the smaller amount of ram better?
Say I run 512 mb instead of 1gb or more
Is it better as it would use less power and allow for more into the CPU and the ram
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  1. Search the internet to see results of overclocking that CPU. That way you can have some knowledge about what to except.

    About the RAM: get the fastest your motherboard can handle. You didn't mention your motherboard so I can't look it up on the internet.

    Regarding the power supply it should be able to run with an overclocked CPU with no problem but since you didn't mention all your components we can't be sure
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