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I have a Lexar 8 mb "Twist Turn" jumpdrive. It was probably foolish to carry it on my keyring, but I did for about two months. I think is has developed a short circuit. When I insert it into any computer's usb port, it receives intermittent power, turns on and off randomly, causing it to appear, disappear and reappear from "my computer". I performed a format from the computer management console in Windows 7 with no change.

I have been able to recover my data from it, but would like to explore a fix to make it reliable again. I can solder a little, but am by no means skilled at device dis-assembly or soldering to circuit boards. Any ideas? Thanks, Jenn
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  1. I'm betting that one or more of the 4 terminals have developed a dry solder joint.

    BTW, I suspect there may be an open circuit, not a short circuit.
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