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I'm planning on buying Intel i7 920 with ASUS P6T SE mobo and 6Gb DDR3 ram from OCZ. I already have a very good PSU, HDD, and etc so I don't worry about it. I wanted to buy GTX 295 and some good 26 inch monitor until I've tried Nvidia 3D vision at Fry's today. So now I'm not sure what GPU I should get for 22 inch ViewSonic FuHzion X monitor. GTX 295 would probably be an overkill as people say. But when you look at benchmarks of GTX 295 in games like Crysis and STALKER: CS the term overkill becomes meaningless in my opinion. As I understand, the Nvidia 3D vision will cause a drop in FPS. So what video card shoul I get? Maybe 1Gb or 2Gb version of GTX 285?
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  1. Not all games work well with 3D vision. The GTX 295, in many cases, is overkill, but you never know how demanding future games are. You can go for the GTX 295, but if you're committed to dropping so much money on a graphics card, you should wait for more next gen releases, even if it's going to take a few months. If you need a card now, the GTX 295 isn't a bad choice but it does lack memory, especially if you're going to get a 26 inch monitor and run 2560x1600 resolution.
  2. Should I get all that hardware now, or wait and get something later? Because I realy don't feel like doing next upgrade for about 2 years after I'll do this one.
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