Need help on motherboard/video card for new build

Hey guys I'm working on a new build but i'm stuck on which motherboard/video card combo I should go with. I've long been a Nvidia video card user but i'm willing to go with an Ati setup this time around. What I want is the best bang for my buck (whether it be nvidia or ati) and to allow me to play furture games without having to shell out money for a new card in the near future.

Asus M4A79XTD

Or the Asus Crossfire 3 Formula

Above are the 2 motherboard choices I've narrowed it down to. Of course the first one will only support 1 card at x16 speeds while the second one can run 2 ati's at x16. Basically it comes down to which video card or cards would be the best choice and offer the best performance. Of course if I went with nvidia i'd only be running a single card with either board.
Would I be better off going with the the second board and getting 1 of the Ati 5750 or 5770's and later on picking up a second one to go with it?

Or should I just go with the first board and pick up one of the 5870's or a Nvidia equivalent .

Also if I was to go with just a single 5750 or 5770 for now would the performance be better then the Nvidia 8800 gts that I currently have?

Hopefully I didn't make this post to long or confusing i'm just looking for some insight on which setup will give me the best bang for my buck and at the same time being able to handle future games.

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  1. ASUS Crossfire 3 Formula, is better or an ASUS M4A79T DELUXE.
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    Either board would be fine, modern cards do not significantly over saturate the bandwidth of an 8x slot.,2433-14.html
    Also if you go for the 790X board and combo it with your processor like this one
    you can put those savings into upgrading to a 5850 from the 5770, it is a significant performance boost

    The 5770 will easily beat any nVidia card below a GTX260, so yes it will be a significant performance boost even with a 5770.
  3. I appreciate the reply's so far.

    Hunter are you saying that if I was to go with just the 790x and throw a 5850 in it and then later on down the road if I wanted to add a second 5850 that I wouldn't really lose any peformance with them running at 8x speeds vs doing the same thing with the crossfire 3 board?
  4. Thats exactly why they did that test because no one was sure of the effects of 8x/8x CF vs 16x/16x CF on the new cards, turns out that with performance differences that small the price premium is hard to justify. The Crossfire III board is only really good if you are going to use 3 or 4 cards which few people ever will.
  5. Alright great, that's good to know since it'll help save me a little money. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
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