Old Asus A7V drivers - Cant find em anywhere

Hello, so I formatted my old computer build on an Asus A7v Socket A (436) motherboard, which is only about 5-8 yrs old, but I cant seem to find the motherboard drivers anywhere. I lost my disk, but they are not online anywhere either. The Asus website doesnt have them either as far as I can tell. Does anyone know where to find these drivers? Thanks.
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  1. Yes, the Asus web site has them. And for your info, it is socket A(462), not 436
  2. thats socket 462 for socket A, and get drivers directly from the chip manafacturers - A7V means VIA chipset - www.viaarena.com for latest via chipset drivers for a start, etc
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  4. Combined with Google. :)
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