My GTX 275 with a new 600w PSU, burns in 30 min...

After months deciding what to buy... I got the Leadtek GTX275, in the same time I got the X factor 600PSU for it.
Replace everything and say good bye for me 8600GT. everything went ok, I rung games like never before, everything is high res and quality..


when I turned off the pc, while turning it off, the PSU burns.

After while, I re-connect my old 400W and it was heavier in weight than the new one., worked for hours with no problem. (BUT) not connected fans or DVD's.

my questions:
1- Can I run the GTx 275 on my 400W PSU.
2- Why the new 600W PSU burns? is it a factory error, Overload (3 Fans + 2 HDD's + 2 DVD's) with the GTX 275.

I'm returning my PSU Back. anyone know what's going on?
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  1. Either the PSU is defective or most likely is just crappy. Many cheap PSU's can't handle their rated capacity. Hardocp usually does pretty good reviews of PSU's any PSU over 500 watts that can pass their testing would serve as a good replacement.
  2. Who makes this X Factor thing ? A web search came up dry.

    Try and find some reviews on it

    The consensus favorites here are:

    top tier: Antec SG Series / CP Series. Corsair HX Series
    next tier: Antec TP series / Corsair HX Series
  3. Well, good question, but man I live in Baghdad, It's very hard to find something good, Maybe the best PSU here is GIGABYTE, and my old PUS from Beirut, still working for the 3rd year.
    I Know that this X Factor is a crappy but maybe the best in the market, they even put it on 3 way SLI.
  4. What do you mean the PSU burns? Flames, smoke, is it completely dead? If it's only a smell, it's probably a cheap power cord. Touch it and see if it's too hot to hold for more than a s econd.
  5. Smoked out from the psu, they said it's a power problem, but I've put my old 400 W thermal take and it worked fine, no problems with it. maybe it's a bad brand..
  6. Leadtek + xfactor.

    thats what happens when u buy cheep
  7. You live in Baghdad and your old PSU is from Beirut. Try mail order instead of local stores.
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