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Okay i think i have a huge problem now...i donno kno much about these things...what i have here is a e7500 cpu, ive recently replaced my dual core e2160. i didnt do any bios update while installing the new cpu..just changed the voltage and multiplier.now my temps are a lot higher(even higher than the dual core i had)and the two cores gives two different temps (upto 7 degrees difference)..i browsed a bit and found out these cpus could have sensor issues. Then i went for this cpu sensor test with the software realtemp...now-

firstly i have in the "sensor movement test"
core 0 - 9
core 1 - 6
isnt that unusual ?? i havent seen anyone like that!

then while this cpu cool down tests are being done there this "bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" sound coming from my cpu(probably only when the test 4 is being done) ...
is it normal?

guys i need help....pleasssse...i had to work real hard to manage the money to get this cpu!
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  1. You're ok; some temp variation is normal; one core is working harder so it's temp will be higher. And you don't need to stress test the processor. If overclocking, you may change to an aftermarket heatsink; but if money is tight, then I would leave it alone. The cpu is tough; it will run fine up to about 70 celcius.
  2. thanks for the answer brother...but still everyone has lesser "core 0" movement ...is it something particular with this model of cpus?
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