My Laptop graphics scrambled

I have HP DV9222tx Laptop with NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600...Recently when I turned on my Laptop there are Vertical lines from the boot screen and Vista OS will not load, I even reinstalled Vista but the problem continues, I thought to install Ubuntu 9.10 I did that and still the problem continues and Ubuntu loads without graphics drivers and it will not when I installed graphics I thought may be the graphics card in my Laptop might have died and I don't know whether I can change it or not....??? Or what could be the solution???
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  1. Same thing happened to me last nite ... solution in my case (except nVidia 8800 and Pro-star site in my acse)

    Boot into safe mode (F8), uninstall nVidia drivers.....reboot

    Run a driver cleaner or something like CCleaner to remove left over nVidia entries....reboot

    reinstall drivers from HP site (not nVidia site)
  2. I did that but not solved the issue...I want to know how to check whether the graphics card is working properly or not?
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