Power not coming to the Mother board

Please help me.......tell me what to do

Its like this.I borrowed some parts to my computer.
MSI G31 mother board,2.93 core 2 duo processor,asus en 9400gt 1Gb VGA and a ddr2 1Gb ram......i think now you guys have idea about my computer.......

Issue is when i assembled those parts in to the casin and when I switch on power is not coming to the board..basically I cant on my computer........

Then i thought something wrong in the mother board.
I went to the seller of those items and i checked the mother board from a power supply he has...

he said nothing wrong with the board and it may be your power supply,

So after that i bought a new power supply....At the very first time with that new power supply i could on the computer....

after using it i switched off it and on the next day i tried to on it again.but i couldn't....

i want to know what is the power unit i should use...or is it something wrong with the mother board
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  1. You may need to reposition your case wires going to the 9 pin power switch cluster of pins. They are all low voltage; when all the pins are correct, you will see all the power led and hardrive led lights functioning, and be able to power down the pc at any time. First, locate the power switch cluster of pins. Then remove the leads; touch the cluster of pins with a plain flathead screwdriver until the system posts. If this happens, go into the bios and change the boot order to cd>hardrive; then manually set the memory voltage if needed to 1.8-2.1 volts, depending on your ram specs, save and exit. Then start over and figure out the correct position for your case leads.
  2. can you please explain it more......because my knowledge of hardware is very low......and i really appreciates your kind reply......let me check and come back to you.....
    thank you

    Others are welcome with your ideas :D
  3. What we need to know is what kind of Core 2 Duo are you putting in? Do u see the fans power up but nothing on the screen? So you said that you got another power supply and "....At the very first time with that new power supply i could on the computer...." Do that mean it worked and you was able to install windows?

    If you hear the fans turning on, but you have a blank screen, That G31 Motherboard might need a BIOS update to work with an Newer 45nm C2D. Most of the time the only way to update the BIOS is to get an older 755 Intel chip to help it boot, and then update the BIOS to the latest Version. That's my guess, but without better and clearer information, its hard to help you. :pt1cable:
  4. Thanx for the your reply

    Its a Intel Core 2 duo processor e7500,LGA 775...i think u have better idea about the processor..?

    yeah first time with that power unit i installed windows and and used the machine for like 5 hours......

    No i can't hear fans turning on........

    do u have enough details..........?
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