A8 3870k overclocking pls help

ive looked for literally weeks trying to find a source for a noob ocer, ive never overclocked tried a couple basic settings i found but boot errored me had to reset cmos,,,,

heres my build

a8-3870k with that big cooleraster aftermarket cooler forget the numbers but it has evo in the title
a75-d3h gigabyte mobo
4 4gb gskill 1600 ripjaws
psu is a corsair gs 600
thats enough specs for ocing i think if not let me know all thats left is the hdd and optical drive... no gpu or other cards its a basic build

i wanna overclock it , nothing crazy its just air cooled, but i seen many people get a 20% jump in performance with minor changes but couldnt find how they did this, so im turning to the good people of toms, please walk this noob through what i gotta do, im paranoid so im scared to start randomly changing stuff,, or if you know of a link of what i need to check out please share,, i tried doing the cpu freq to 133 and the clock ratio to 27 and 28 but both gave me boot errors,,, im past the point of feeling stupid so please help me out here, thanks
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  1. been reading and reading and trying to learn all the things i can but theres so much he said she said i dont know what to beleive, any pointers guys?
  2. hmm just seen a ling directly to what i think i need above this post,, wasnt there yesterday ,, interesting
  3. Have you read this it will answer all of your questions


    As with any overclocking increase in small increments and keep a very close eye on your system temperatures
    Let us know how you make out and if you need any more help
  4. thanks grahamie. dunno ill click it after i post this, i fallowed that post about overclocking thats like second from the top, but i couldnt see any voltage changes in bios or cpuid so needless to say i didnt accomplish much besides got the routine of resetting to safe cmos settings and clearing cmos, ill read that link u shared and see what i can do, thanks again.. very interesting stuff but pretty scarey stuff for a noob to overclocking like myself
  5. k just clicked it yeah thats what i fallowed, very informative but like i said i didnt see any changes so i dont think my bios tell me the voltage info i need that or i didnt turn something off that should be... i also cant jump .5 multipier at a time, im pretty sure my apu is stock 30, in bios at that point it only goes up x1 at that level, no half points. at 24 is wouldnt do anything, 33 loaded win7 but crashed when i tried to open cpuid, and again no idea what voltage changes occured,, not sure where to start at this point just hope someone has some advice on what im doing wrong or whati should try as an alternative to that link... thanks again though appriciate someone chiming in

    also i watched temp in bios and when windows loaded,no noticible change , this system stays very cold,, like the other day room temp was 73 f and the core temp was 44f,, thats just air,, i can seriously touch the case and it feels COLD!!! haf 922 or whatever case lots of air flow my right leg is about a foor and a half away from it and i can feel cold air on that side of my leg its pretty crazy..ive run a couple different temp programs and both throw the same temps within 1 degree F...
  6. ive seen many say 3.5 is a good stable target for this chip, id be more then happy with that
  7. I have a a6-3650,, 3.5ghz.

    The pci bus resets at 135 so 134 and lower will crash.

    Try for 135fsb,,, 26multi, manually set the voltage to +0.05volts for 1.45volts (1.40volts is stock) This should give you 3.5ghz and also give you a ht bus, and northbridge overclock that is needed to help with some bottlenecks the Llano has. If it tests stable, try going to 27 multi, maybe 28x, i cant see it going much higher..

    set the memory voltage manually, set it to ddr3-1066, it ends up at over 1400mhz because the memory follows the fsb. Set the voltage and spd settings for 1600 speeds but when its set to 1066 so it will run stable up to 1600mhz.
    The 1066 spd settings will be at lower latencies and maybe a lower voltage too, this will cause the memory to crash so you have to manually set this.
  8. Try to keep your gpu clocks around stock if possible and you might be able to push beyond 3.6ghz on the cpu.
  9. Is it still clocked at 3ghz? I got to 3.8ghz with my 3850 with the multiplier at stock 29x and the FSB at 131 and raising the voltage to 1.6 instead of 1.4
  10. sorry guys busy couple days,, got a lot done non computer related,,, i might go try again if my daughter gets into this cartoon ,,, its all stock as of right now, no tweaks i reset it all to get back to fresh slate
  11. how hard is it to clock the north bridge?
  12. tried the suggested 135 26x +.05
    boot looped me,, toyed around that area finally got it to boot up into windows using 125 x 28 +.05 ... its reading 3500mhz even, dont know what to change the north bridge to though, ran novabench to see what it said,, score went up 29 points but graphics dropped, cpu was the only change, definately not done right but its a start,, its idling at 50 F right now got up to 90ish when i was running the benchmark and such... back to the bios for this guy
  13. ok so back to tinkering,,, i went back to the guide and other forum responces about ocing this chip...

    raising multiplier til it crashes out.. +1 at a time got to x33 when it went boot loop on me, tried the suggested +.05 v but that didnt change a thing, dropped to x32 but increased the 100 to 102 and stock voltage, boots up fine still and raised the 3000 mhz stock to 3264. nova bench score up from 760 to 792,

    should i contnue to increase the bus speed a couple at a time or what? idle temps are only up 7 degrees F. but get some quick jumps from 47ish to 68ish just idling

    thanks for the help so far... i really wanna get 3.5 if possible but will settle for 3.4 ... any ideas guys?
  14. got impatient,,

    x32 108 boots fine, 3456mhz
    my ram is bumped up should i bring it back down? at x6.66 it drops to 1439mhz it was on the x8 when it hit 1728mhz, is that too much for these 1600 gskills?

    dropped it to 1439 and ran novabench,, went from 817 score at x8 to 796 on x6 major hit was on the graphics
  15. so its 2 am,, woke from a dream sat up and said " that da** cool and queit", forgot to disable... i messed with settings and got x33 to work after a few tweaks.. dont remember what i used 105 maybe... that comps off and dont feel like checking right now, with a .05 v bump, ram left where it was 1665ish and i bumped the graphics from 600 to 700, i know i missed something but ill sort that out later, gpu need a power bump? i ran prime95 for like 4 hours, no errors.. temps held at 119 F and idled down to mid 40's when prime was shut off

    so later today ill disable the cool and queit and see what happens,,, any other tips guys.. something i may have forgotten? my bios doesnt tell me what mhz my nb is running and i dont have that other thing that usually gets changes when messing with nb.. sorry i forgot the name
  16. ok still no luck, my best settings didnt cut it,, major bottleneck somewhere performance increased like 2% with a jump to 3.5ghz not cool, everything i see says performance doesnt blow peoples minds so my expectations are low but seriously 2% couldnt be right... if i leave everything stock and just increase the igpu to 700 the graphics get a good 15-20% boost easily and no issues, better fps. but still i wanna push the cpu a lil as well, im replying as im still in need of tips, what am i doing wrong guys? also keep getting emails from the site wanting to know if it was solved and IT HAS NOT im sad to say....

    also that readyboost thing helped my laptop, i ran novabench about 20 times back and forth with a 2gb sdcard in and activated to be used as a ready boost device and without it in the comp,,, the graphics score made a solid 24 point jump, also increased fps during gameplay,,, everything i read people say about it says it doesnt do much until u need it or it wont do anything if u have 4 or more gigs of ram, i have 4 gigs i just think its cache setup aids my a8-3500m ,, any thoughts on this?
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