Hard drive listed as CD drive... HELP!!!

Hello everyone… After getting some great tips on the forums, I built myself a great pc thank you all for the tips.

The pc is running great, but I have run into a problem that has me going crazy…
I bought and WD 1.5 terabyte HD to going along with the Samsung 1.0 terabyte I install with the build. For some reason the WD hard drive shows up as CD rom drive when I click the icon it says insert disc. When I go to my device manager, it shows up as storage device, I right click on it and it gives me no option to format it (I figured if I could format it this would solve the problem).

Please someone help me solve this problem before it drives me crazy… Thank you…
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  1. Just to be clear, this is an internal drive, or external? If internal, have you gone into the BIOS to make sure it is not set up as a CD/DVD drive?
  2. I think that you are confusing yourself. Go to Disk management and partition and format the drive.
  3. Internal
  4. In disk managment it shows up as cd drive.
  5. Actually in disk managment it shows up as hard drive and cd drive
  6. Quote:
    Actually in disk managment it shows up as hard drive and cd drive

    How can it do that? I have never seen that before, a screen shot would be nice. What hapens when you try to partition and format it in disk management?
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