M4A89GTD PRO vs. GA-790XTA-UD4

Which one to go with?



Price isn't really a issue since there is not much difference in the price.

Yes I want to overclock, plan on using a Phenom II 955 BE
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  1. I'd choose the Gigabyte board, it's cheaper, and even though I know you don't care about the price, the Gigabyte board would still be equal, unless you need a PCI-e 4x lane, and you should just get the ASUS board instead.
  2. Hi. I the price isn't a problem u an wait two more weeks for the Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5.

    Gigabyte is the best OC mobo, and that 790XTA-UD4 is a solid mobo. Right, the ASUS have the new chipset, but like I say up u can wait for the 890FXA-UD5 or go for the 790FXTA-UD5.
  3. Well what I meant was price really isn't an issue if its around that price range.

    What about this one?

    Because I be able to get that cheap with a combo at Microcenter when you buy the processor and the motherboard together.
  4. The mobos with video onboard aren't good IMO, If i were you, i would got for the 790XTA-UD4 have everything that u need for OC and a good price.
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