Can i test new system without video card?

have everything but video card
wanted to turn it on see if it all worked. i'm supposed to get beeps if the video card is not detected. i do not. i get a flash from the powersupply led light and thats it. the green light on my mobo shows that it's on. do i need to wait for my video card to look at whats going on or is there something wrong. shouldnt the fans at least work and my led lights and my fan controller (built into case) and my temp readings (built into case)? I have no idea as to what i'm doing. newbie. so hopefully all is right. i'm also open to comments on my build.
apevia x-jupiter full tower chassis
corsair xms3 ddr3 1333 8gb
asus p7p55d mobo
amd firepro v5700 video card (not installed yet)
750 watt antec true power blue power supply
2 tb raid 1 caviar green (storage only)
500 gb seagate (systes operation)

i think those are the most important parts atleast.
i am working on finding a cpu cooler i like. bought a zalman that said it fit 1156 on their website. it doesnt!

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  1. Gosh....You don't have on-board video, so you will need the video card and a monitor to find out what is going on - check your mobo manual for the beeps and POST codes - if you have no speaker on your mobo (or in your case), there won't be any beeps.
  2. Unless your motherboard comes with a built-in speaker (most do not any more) or your case has a system speaker already, you will need to find a speaker to attach to the system speaker header on your motherboard. This is usually located with the rest of your case connections, where you attach the power button wires.
    There is a link to one you can buy cheap.
  3. I was waiting for a 5870 while building my new rig, but I needed to test my components so that I can make returns and rebates, so I decided to get a $23.99 Zotac 7200 GS from Newegg to test my parts. For all that matters, it runs with windows 7 and shows what needs to be shown on my monitor, so I think that's good. It will be my testing graphics card from now on...
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