Why is my GTX 285 running so badly? PLease help!

This is my specs
i7 920
gigabyte 2gb gtx 285
6gb ddr3 ram
Windows 7 64bit.

Yet I can barely run most games and im only scoring a gpu score of 4631 on 3D mark vantage.

I dont understand! I have spent all of my savings on this computer and it is not even much better than my 3 year old one!

My windows 7 is also unregistered but I mean really I dont understand pelase someone help
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  1. Have you downloaded the latest drivers?
  2. Yes I have
  3. Please make sure that you ar eproviding sufficient power to te VGA.
    This seems to me like auto performahnce capping due to lack of proper power supply.
    Can you verify that ?
  4. My powersupply is a 750W and minimum to run the gtx 285 is 550w
  5. Have you properly connected the dual power inputs ?
  6. are you in power saving mode? or normal mode? try switching to high performance!
  7. 13abie said:
    My powersupply is a 750W and minimum to run the gtx 285 is 550w

    What brand and how much did you pay? just because it's 750W doesn't mean it will poer it sufficiently. You need a consistent voltage for your GPU, for that system I would suggest to need to pay at least £70.00 for a decent one.
  8. maybe something is wrong with the parts?
  9. Install CPU-Z and see what it says in the graphics tab. Maybe it will enlighten something that may be awry. It's free.
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