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Hello all
i have a mac pro with 2x 3ghz and a apple 24" cinema discplay. yesterday my grafik card broke ( or so i think ) every time i turn on something ( games, video and other heavy grafic demending apps... in this case world of warcraft ) it starts to make grafic errors and aften like 1 min it makes the computer freeze. that sounds like a broken grafic card right???

my question is : now i would like a new grafics card and i found alot of them out there, but can i really pick anything for a mac computer? i have been looking at HIS Radeon HD 5870 but i am not sure it works with my stationairy mac computer.

any adwise would be great.

best regards
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  1. Unfortunately, you have to get a mac approved card; they carry a big price premium, and they're not always the most up-to-date. Newegg sells a few different ones, and you should be able to buy through mac if you need to.

    To my knowledge, their isn't a mac version of the 5870 yet (and I don't know if there will be). The fastest mac card I have seen (a least on newegg) is the GTX 285 but it has since been deactivated (again, since the last time I saw it, which was a while ago, so it could be in stock now).
  2. agree with pepperman, yo will need a mac approved or mac edition graphics card. anything else will not work and they are not the cheapest things in the world eather.

    atleast they come with free shipping :)
  3. Quote:

    Bahahahahaha, $350.

    By the way, you can just buy any old GPU and stick it in your computers PCI-e slot; it just won't be officially supported by Apple.
  4. ^Which also means he won't have drivers
  5. pepperman said:
    ^Which also means he won't have drivers

    From what I can tell there's no shortage of OS X drivers for any of the 4 series. I don't care to check any of the others.
  6. Is your computer still under warranty? Make them fix it if you can, no since in spending any more of your money fixing their defective product if you can avoid it.
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