Not sure what kind of ram i should get.

I have a gigabyte z68xp-ud3 with a 2500k and plan on doing some light overclocking. The board can handle 32g of ram, but im not sure what kind of ram to get that will be the best and not break the bank. This is my first build and i want it to be good. I have done alot of reading (wwhheeww) and found there is alot to it.....latency, speed, amount of ram. Can somebody help me please?
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  1. I would suggest 8gigs of DDR3 1600. 8 gigs is usually about $50.00
  2. 8GB of DDR3 1600MHz CL9 1.5v is the best for most users.
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    +1 on the above. Also keep in mind that if you buy RAM with those extreme fins on them you could have issues with clearance on an aftermarket air cooler like the Hyper 212. If you're only putting in two sticks, and your mobo lets you put them in the slots away from the cooler, you most likely won't have clearance issues. Even the Corsair Vengeance Low Profile sticks like I'm using, BARELY clear the bottom of the Hyper 212 if I use slots 1 and 3.

    Good luck on your first build, and have fun!
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