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Hoping I'm in the right forum! I have a Gateway 6810-01 which has essentially been a drain on time and money. It was sent out a few months after we purchased it to Gateway which replaced the fan and updated the BIOS. Now 1.5 years later it is turning itself off again intermittently which is incredibly frustrating. I have been reading about replacing the fan and adding a new one and wondering what people suggest. Specific models of fans/cooling would be greatly appreciated. I am going to attempt to do it myself but if you feel its a job for a techie let me know. I GREATLY appreciate any feedback!
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  1. the cheapest thing you can do is to clean the laptop first
    use an air compressor or compressed air in a can and blow the compressed air to all the vents (side vents of the laptop, bottom intake of the laptop)
  2. thanks alvine. it's actually a desktop. we've tried this numerous times but it doesn't help at this point.
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