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Hello together

I'll soon be writing a paper about the pc I built and overclocked three months ago.
The main focus will be to answer by how many % the gaming performance increased after overlocking.(and also 20% other apps performance..)
I need good benchmarks to show the differences. I would like to have benchmarks which show minimum, average and maximum fps.
The benchmarks I collected up to now are:

Call of Juarez
Devil may cry4
Resident evil5
Stalker clear sky
and street fighter IV (crap)

Stalker clear sky was a really pleasent benchmark as it showed really detailed results (min fps average fps .... at each daytime)
I heard that Farcry 2 had a great benchmark tool but I couldn't test it up to now. Also I heard that Left 4 dead really benefits of every little cpu speed increase, should I benchmark it?

Please comment on the benchmarks I have and propose some new.
Also does it make sence to use aquamark3 or 3d mark ventage?

Kind regards Erdinger
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  1. Common guys just help me collect some more usefull benchmarks. Please
  2. Vantage, 3dmark06 and PCmark are good benchmarking apps.
  3. where can I get ahold of the game specific benchmarks?
  4. OvrClkr said:
    Vantage, 3dmark06 and PCmark are good benchmarking apps.

    Ok these are synthetics but I think I will also include them
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