SSD Detected by BIOS but not Windows Install?

I'm trying to set up my hard drives as follows:

SSD - OS & Apps
2 Samsung F3's - RAID 0 - Media, files, etc.
Hitachi 2TB - Backup & storage

So here's the problem I'm having. I just reformatted the SSD and both Samsungs. Set the SATA mode to RAID. I created the RAID set. Then went to install windows on the SSD and it doesn't detect it. Still shows up in the BIOS and everything, but it won't show up as an option to install windows on. I set SATA mode back to AHCI and it still doesn't detect it. Not sure what to do. I know you normally want an SSD on AHCI, but then you can't have RAID active. I have the ASUS P8Z68 V-Pro MOBO by the way. Any ideas how why its not showing up?

I don't know if this could effect anything or not but this is how I have them connected:

SATA6G_1 (Gray) - Samsung F3
SATA6G_2 (Gray) - Samsung F3
SATA3G_3 (Blue) - Intel SSD
SATA3G_4 (Blue) - Hitachi

I don't have anything in the SATA6G_E1/E2 (Navy Blue) Marvell ports. I really don't know if I should have connected those different or not. ANY advice on all of this is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Hello,

    You should plug your SSD into your SATA6G 1 slot.
    Hitachi into the 2nd.
    Use the 3rd and 4th for your RAID.

    The reason being is you will get more performance out of the SSD with the Sata 6Gb vs the Sata 3Gb. Not to mention those RAID 0 HDD's will never saturate a Sata 3Gb port.

    BTW those marvell ports don't support RAID FYI.

    How did you format your SSD anyways? As long as it wasn't a "long" format it should be ok.

    Also, try installing OS on your SSD ONLY. Unplug the other drives temporarily and see if that helps.

    One more thing - what OS is this for?
  2. Okay, so I tried what you said. I unplugged everything else and put the SSD on the SATA6G_1 slot. Even though it still shows up in the BIOS fine, it won't show up on the Windows install. I just right clicked on the SSD in My Computer and hit format and did the default settings. It was a "quick" format it said so I'm not sure if thats what you mean by "not a long" format.

    I'm trying to install Windows 7 Professional 64bit by the way.
  3. USe this website to properly help set up your SSD:

    It will allow you to make proper partitions with your win 7 DVD.

    Let me know if your still having trouble
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