Monitor Off & Repeated Sound After Seconds Of Gaming

Q6600 CPU
850w PSU

I was using onboard video no problems just rubbish as we all know. I bought this GTS250 yesterday and fitted it np's. I ran 3dmark 06 3 times and got results around the 12,222 point. I was happy enough and then went onto CoD4. After the intro and everything as soon as i got into the main game WHAM - off went the monitor & the repeated few seconds of audio. Forcing me to shutdown the machine and reboot. I then checked the power cables (2x6 pin) and tried to run 3dmark again. Same thing happened with this now.

I dont wanna send the card back incase its ok and it costs me a bomb in fee's n postage lol!

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  1. CPU Overclock? PSU brand? RAM brand, speed? Voltages?
  2. Stock CPU, PSU is a cheap brand but has 4x 12v rails @ 20 amps each, ram is OCZ - everything at stock speeds.

    Just to update a bit i have put a GT220 in and everything runs fine just half as fast as the 250 in 3dmarks =/
  3. The card takes 2 slots and is almost on the bottom of the case. Im begining to think its overheating or just bust. will have to test it in another machine with a bigger case but doesnt look good.
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