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I am trying to find my way through the BIOS configuration in my Gigabyte P55A UD3. I have GSKILL F3 12800CLD9 2048x2 DDR3-1600. The new build has run great since the first boot but the BIOS are still at the stock settings from that first startup. I know it can be fine tuned a bit. I just do not know how. I am not sure if the turbo boost on the i5 750 is actually working or not either. I do not overclock and I am not looking to push the envelope, I just want some optimal but stable settings. I mostly game and utilize CAD software but up to this point my software has had no problems. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Have you done the (mandatory) "Load Optimized" from the first BIOS page?
  2. bilbat said:
    Have you done the (mandatory) "Load Optimized" from the first BIOS page?

    At the first boot I set the BIOS to "optimized", and that is all I have done since.
  3. If you've done that, and everything seems to be working well, you're golden!
  4. Thank you. After all the posts I've read I figured that something was guaranteed to be wrong. I think I will worry less and enjoy my new build. "If it ain't broke don't fix it"
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