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I have an encountered a problem with my case. The mobo sits too low in the case for graphics cards to fit properly. My last one fit just barely, but not perfectly, and my new one won't fit at all. Is there any good way to seat the mobo higher in the case?
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  1. Are you talking higher as in elevation or higher as in position (closer to PSU or closer to bottom intake fan [near hdd mounting brackets])?

    If you're asking about elevation, then know that there are two different sizes. I'll post back with links when I can find them.

    Edit: Here are the links I mentioned earlier...
    Typical size:
    If you need higher elevation:

    If you're asking about position, the only possibility that I can really think of is if you have a standard ATX case with a mATX mobo, but even that is a stretch. The mounting holes in cases are universal to the type (ATX, mATX, etc) of mobo.

    Take for example if you have a BioStar TA790GX mobo in ANY ATX case. This mobo will mount the same way and same place in every case. The hole placement on the motherboard is designed around the type of case the manufacturer intended on having the mobo installed in, hence why ATX is specified in the details of the TA790GX motherboard.
  2. I thank you guys for your replies. I found out that my friend had installed it improperly, so I took it to someone who put in brass spacers and everything is lining up perfectly now. Thanks again for your help!
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