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upgraded from xp home to black and now the ethernet adapter is not working. when i try to install software for linksys wireless router the message that shows is "no ethernet adapter recognized" ?? Please help. I am connecting thru my windows 7 laptop - the other is a toshiba satelllite p25-s5093 xp 32.
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  1. "upgraded from xp home to black"

    What's black??

    "…when i try to install software for linksys wireless router…"

    Something's amiss here. I assume you really mean a linksys wireless *adapter*, the wireless card you installed on your laptop. After all, this is the wireless forum. And if that’s the case, the following "no ethernet adapter recognized" doesn’t make sense since that message is referring to a WIRED adapter.

    So I'd like to help, but there are several inconsistencies here that make that difficult.

    Btw, be sure to include DETAILS like make/model of wireless router, wireless network adapters, etc. The more details the easier it is to diagnose the problem.
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