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Black screen after initiating Windows Update

I Reinstalled OS a couple of days ago on my Win 7 64bit laptop, since a lot of files on my HDD were corrputed... Now, after reinstalling most of my programs and data, I go to play CoD2, and it was giving way lower FPS than usual. I couldn't try any other game because I hadn't installed any yet. So, I installed a high FPS config, and it didn't help, so I looked for solutions...I reset all CCC settings to default, and did something with DirectX etc (not sure if this fixed it or if it was just heat, or a program running). Even though the problem was gone, I already had Windows Update downloading, and it finished, so I ran it (game and browser window was still open). I selected ATI Mobility driver in the optional tab just for fun, on top of all the recommended ones, even though I already had the most recent one (from like December last year because it's the latest compatible for my laptop due to switchable graphics etc)...

It started installing, screen reset a few times, and then just went black and stayed there. Audio and everything is still running, but I'm left with just a black screen. Should I wait an hour or so, then force restart? Or what? Tried HDMI to TV, says no signal. :/

TLDR; Left with black screen while Windows Update started installing GPU driver etc, audio still running, scared to restart because I don't want to corrupt... What do?

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    Hi InfernoAUS, installing a graphics driver while still doing something graphically ( like playing a game is not good.

    Bite the bullit and shutdown laptop, when you restart, check that graphics driver installed ok, if not download and install again.

    Do not play a game or watch a video when installing a graphics driver, will almost always crash!!!

    Will not really corrupt, the installation will just not complete properly, just shutdown and restart dude.
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