Ati radeon hd 3200 graphics rs780m for gaming?

hey guys! i just bought a laptop for gaming purposes...mainly, its a hp dv5-1003nr and it came with an integrated graphics card ati radeon hd 3200 graphics rs780m . the question is, will this run world of warcraft at all and if it does run, at what kind of performace? i dont need excellent performance, but i dont want my game to bog down either. if this card sucks for my gaming purposes, would you be able to suggest a replacement card that works on this laptop and that will fit my needs.....thanks guys, any help with this would be much appreciated.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums:)
    HD 3200 is a low-end card that can handle WOW at medium-low settings at a low resolution like 1024x768,and you can't replace the card
  2. thank you for replying. so this means that i'm stuck with only using this graphics card or can i add another. i read that this card wont run some of the newer games. for right now, thats fine cause all im interested in playing is WoW but not sure if i like not being able to expand my game play.......thanks.
  3. There are some notebooks which allow users to upgrade their VGA,but for your notebook unfortunately you can't upgrade it or add another card
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