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My power supply shuts down immediately on startup. Disconnecting the 4 pin ATX12V aux connector gets the power supply running, but of course I cannot boot the CPU. This behavior in intermittent. The CPU will boot and run for weeks at a time, then stop. After a period of time disconnected, the cpu will boot and run normally again. There is no excessive heat or warning beeps. The supply is 450 Watts and the system has a single SATA 1GB drive and DVD RW, 4GB ram one case 80mm fan and regular CPU fan looks to use about 330 watts max. ASUS m3n78-em - AMD Phenom 9750 Is it power supply or mother board?
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    You may have a failing power supply. I recommend a good brand such as corsair, pc power and cooling, seasonic, antec, ocz or enermax. Lots of folks try to get by with some lightweight no name branded ps after spending a small fortune on their pc. Changing to a better brand is a good investment in the long run.
  2. Thanks, I am getting a new PS to swap in and see if it solves the problem.
  3. Quote:
    you need to have a lot of power for that equipment you have

    A web PS calculator estimates 246 Watts for the setup I described. That leaves 200 watts to spare even if the estimate is off a bit.

    The mobo is rated for
    140 watts/onboard ATI HD5200/Phenonm X4,
    CPU fan, 2 case fans (10w), 120 and 80mm,
    1 SATA HDD (30W),
    1 Sata DVR/RW (30W),
    USB (20W)
    2X2048MB DDR2 (30W).


    either wey a correct functioning 450 Watt supply should be ok, I think.
    Am i missing something? I am assuming the 140W mobo includes the CPU.
  4. Quote:
    try unplug all the fan and see it work better to test PSU

    Yes I removed everything but the mobo and still shuts down. If I remove the 4 Pin aux connector fromthe mobo, the PS runs ok.

    I also tried removing the memory and got the power supply running, but obviously memory error.
  5. Quote:
    it doesnt include the cpu, you need to have some watts for every core to run. times it by four.

    +125 W according to the spec. so 395 watts on a 450W PS, closer than I want, but should run.

    Is it typical behavior for the PS to simply shut down immediately if short on power?
  6. so you would recommend upgrading to a minimum 500 watt PS.

    thanks for the input.
  7. Power Up replaced the power supply last weekend and after 3 days it remains up and running with a new 450 Watt ps. SO far so good.
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  9. New 450 watt power supply resolved the issue. The original was an "Extreme" and was replaced by a "Power Up". The new supply had better DC output ratings at 5 and 12 volts, but I feel like the original was defective. While it worked for about 6 weeks, it finally failed and could no longer operate a under load.

    Thanks for everyone's input.
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