How much can i OC?

I have the AMD Phenom II x4 955BE
HD5850 1GB gddr5.

There are the two components that use the most out of the psu
The psu is either Chieftect 550w or 600.
If i keep the card at stock, how much can i overclock the cpu? Will the pSU be enough for a slight oc like up to 3,5GHz or 3,8?

Thanks :)
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  1. up the multiplier and find out :bounce:

    the psu should be fine :hello:
  2. For overclocking, we always need more details.
    What motherboard ?
    What Ram ?

    In short, with stock fan, you can bump it up to 3.4 and probably 3.5 easy... just go to the Bios and bump up the cpu multiplier.

    Go to google, search, download and install hwmonitor
    google, prime95 and install it.

    Run hwmonitor, run prime95 and monitor your temps and system stability.
    You are safe and rock solid as long as under heavy load you do not go higher then 61 degrees... if you do I recommend a better cpu cooler.

    With a good aftermarket cooler, you can go higher and if the system crashed, bump up the voltage a bit, in hwmonitor you will see where it's at... Do not pass 1.48.
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