Is it possible to push the hyper 212 evo fan upwards?

Hello everyone. I am thinking about buying a Hyper 212 evo. I am using Corsair vengeance 1600mhz ram and i'm afraid that the fan will be a bit too close to the ram heatspreaders. So basically my question is, if you can slightly push the fan 1 or 2 mm upwards so they don't touch the ram? I know it's possible with the hyper 212+, but i haven't heard anything about the evo.

- John
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  1. The 212+ and Evo use identical fan hardware.= so yes you can slide the fan up/down
    Still won't make any difference though if you have all 4 dimms filled with regular Vengeance ram.
    Closest dimm will still be unuseable.
    If you only have a kit of two sticks just use different dimm slots = no problem.
    Otherwise buy a different cooler like the TS120 = 4 dimms filled with Vengeance = fit no problem.
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