Would this Asus motherboard support 5.1 Logitech speakers?

Basically i'm confused about whether a new computer build would be able to play these speakers:

These speakers require 3 sockets (whatever you call them) from the computer/motherboard.
The motherboard that i'm ordering (Asus m4a79xtd evo) claims to have Onboard 8 Channel. Would this motherboard support those speakers? or would i have to add in a sound card for the computer to play them?
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  1. Your on-board sound will connect to that speaker setup just fine. There are pictures of the mobo's back panel at Newegg.com. Incidentally, I looked at the owner's manual for that mobo and at the manufacturer's web page, and they disagree about SPDIF. The web page says it has coaxial, but it does not. It's optical only. Also incidentally, nowhere at Logitech does it say or show how those speakers connect to anything.

    I'll say it again, if they're going to let the marketing department run the whole show, fine, but they should at least talk to the people in the company who actually know what the product is.
  2. I have those speakers, and they connect with the regular 3.5mm (green, yellow, & black) mini jacks, and they sound great, especially for the price. I do miss my Klipsch GMX 5.1's, but I really wanted positional audio again.
  3. Yup, your motherboard's onboard sound will work just fine with the Logitech x530 speakers.
  4. ok that's great. thanks everyone :)
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