Not overclocking, is the OEM intel heatsink sufficient?

Apparently I don't have the new arctic freezer like I thought so I had to slap the included cooler for my i5 2500k on.

Is this fine if no overclocking is going on with it?

Also side note when applying the fan I had to pull it off after I seated it and spin it because the fan wire didnt reach. The thermal compound seemed a bit light after that so I added a small ball of OCZ thermal compound and reinstalled it. Was that an acceptable move or should I have cleaned it and started over?
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  1. The cooler should work fine without any OCing.

    As for adding new paste, personally, I would have just wiped the whole thing, but really, the only way to know would be to run a temp program.
  2. Stock heatsink is fine in your case as mentioned. Will have higher temps during load regardless of overclocking or not.

    I personally would have wiped the thermal compound before applying the other stuff. As it sounds like you mixed the OCZ thermal compound with the stock thermal compound.
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