What are motherboard chipsets?

I want to buy a new motherboard for AMD CPU but I'm confused.

Some write for example:

AM3, DDR3, AMD770


AM3, DDR3, 790X

So what is the difference between VGA, 890X, 770, 790X ETC?

BTW, the higher the number the better? 890X is better then 790X?
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  1. VGA is not a chipset it means the motherboard has VGA on board graphics.

    Chipset comparison it rather easy to find, I'll find one now...

    I lose, so much for my Binging skills. Oh well I can always fall back on the stickies.


    That guide talks about the differences between AMD chipsets very well I think.
  2. Proximon's guide is very good. To give a simple recommendation:
    If you are not using more than one video card and
    you are not doing raid 5 storage and
    you do not need integrated graphics

    buy anything from the 770 on up.

    if you need integrated graphics look for chipsets with a g on the end
  3. Yes, good point. They have better integrated graphics, guaranteed support for the new 6 core processors and integrated sata 6g. I would go for them if 1. I needed good integrated graphics 2. I needed the most future-proof board possible or 3. I was planning on using SSDs.
  4. "I needed the most future-proof board possible"

    You can get older boards which are guaranteed to run Thuban with a BIOS update, and I don't think it will change with later CPUs. Therefore I don't think 800 series = more future proof, except for SATA 3.
  5. Exactly
    All I meant by guaranteed support was that you wouldn't have to check for it.
  6. Ok, thank you.
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