What Happened to my Hard DRIVE??

New WD Raptor 450GB SATA 6.0 Disappears in Windows 7 after resume.

Running iCore5/Asus P8P67LE, with WD 300GB as boot drive w/Windows 7 64bit. I just purchased a secondary WD Raptor 450GB SATA 6.0 drive, plugged it into the Sata 6.0 port on the motherboard. The drive works fine but I noticed that after Windows resumes from sleep, the drive disappears. Only to re-appear after rescanning the disks in Disk Mgmt in Windows.

I've thoroughly checked the hard drive and cable and they appear fine. Saw a previous post where some claimed that a MS Hotfix cleared up this problem. Tried to apply the fix, but it said my system wasn't applicable. Not sure what else to do? Tried running disk check, WD lifeguard utilities, etc, and all seems fine.

Memory, board, and the drive are all brand new. I'm not getting the BSOD (i got it once a week ago but not since). My drivers are up to date. From the other postings, it doesn't appear to be an issue with my Raptor Drive. This issue does not happen with any of my other hard drives, I've got 4 others. They are all Sata 3.0. This new drive is the only one plugged into the Sata 6.0 port on the motherboard.

Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.
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  1. Thanks everyone, for all your input! Tremendous.

    All you turds that have the same issue, here's what you can do to fix it, it worked for me; I reinstalled the Marvell Sata Driver from Asus. Since I did that a couple weeks ago, I haven't seen the drive disappear.
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