Gtx260 amp voltage requirement

im planning of getting a gtx260 AMP edition by zotac and im worried that my PSU wont be able to handle it. i search around and found this:

problem is im a 'noob' so i dont really understand this kind of things......

i have 2 HDD, 1 DVD-RW, 4 RAM (1GB each single channel by kingston), AMD Athlon X2 3800+ 64W (checked at technical spec).

so is my current psu is good enough to handle the gtx260? or should i get a better psu?
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  1. Ur saying u have the PSU in the pic....if so it will be just enough for the setup....this is the first time im seeing that brand so im a bit wary of it...i suggest u get a PSU in the 500w-600w range from well known and trusted brands like cooler master, corsair, etc....
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