I am picking between the following hp machines help!

I am picking between the following hp machines

Model# p6277c-b

2.5 g/hz core 2 quad
8gb memory
750 gb hard drive
dvd rw 16x w/ lightscribe
win 7
wireless a/b/g/n

intergrated graphics

25" 1080p hp monitor

For $800.00


Model# m9517c-b

2.2 ghz amd phenom x4 9550
8gb ram
1tb hard drive
dvd rw w/lightscribe and blu ray
win 7 upgrade
wireless a/b/g/n

nvida geforce 9300ge 256 dedicated graphics

25.5" 1080p hp monitor

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  1. What do you want to do with the Computer?

    My personal preference is the first PC (Core 2 Quad) as it should be faster and cooler than the Phenom I.

    Can you customize these at all?
  2. Plan do use it for both business and flight simulator x ...... someone said the amd would be the same as the intel because it had 256 mb of dedicated graphics is this true? But I am getting mixed opinions and i dont want to spend more then $850
  3. FSX is rather CPU dependant. The core 2 quad is much better.
    However, because it only has integrated graphics, I doubt the game would even run in anything but absolutely minimum settings. Therefore, despite the CPU deficiency, the Phenom system would perform better for FSX.

    However, you could purchase the first system and add in a radeon 4650 for about $60 and it would own the phenom.
    If you really don't want to spend even that $10 more for a 4650, then consider under $50 cards like the radeon 4350, 9400GT, Geforce 210, 8500GT, radeon 3650, radeon 4550 etc. The 4650 would be worth it though.
  4. I think for FSX the best choice is the Core 2 and then add in a 4670 or 4770 (or higher).
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