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I currently have a CM Storm Enforcer case and the front fan is always running at MAX because I do not have a fan controller or another fan slot on my motherboard because their all being used.

That front fan is the intake fan which is behind mesh, so it is pretty noisy being plugged directly into the PSU.

My question is will it work with a fan Controller.

The wire connected to the fan (The 3 pin thing)

The 3 pin from the fan plugs into this thing

the Molex connects to the PSU.

So how would I connect this fan to my Fan Controller?

And is this a good fan controller?
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  1. Yes a fan controller will allow you to control the speed.

    Looks good but specs say it can only go as low as 40% speed and has 30w total across 5 fan connectors. (6w per channel)

    would be fine for 1 fan per connector but will run into issues with multiple high RPM fans on the same connector.

    I love my new Aquaero 5 Pro, (80w across 4 connectors,) Cost is alot higher but it also does a whole lot more.

    I sleep with the box at night :P
  2. Okay, but the only reason I am buying a fan controller is because of the fan mentioned above.

    I only have one other fan (Exhaust fan that is directly connected to PSU and is extremely silent)

    So that fan controller i mentioned is fine?

    Might add a cooler master mega flow 200mm in the future.
  3. sounds good then,
    as long as u think that the fan will be nice and quite at 40% or above speed.
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    I would go with this Scythe instead -

    Same price as the one you linked but has more information like RPM and temp if needed. Also has 1 Amp per channel. Just hook the 3 pin fan connectors straight into this fan controller. You don't have to worry about using that adapter anymore. And if you get that Megaflow in the future it shouldn't have any problems with this fan controller. Megaflow is rated at 0.16 A (Max 0.28 A).
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