HP pavillion mobo upgrade: where do i put the panel connectors?


I have an HP pavillion a6200n. I just got my new ASUS Micro-ATX M4A785-M mobo today, aong with a new amd processor. while installing it into my case, I ran into trouble trying to place the panel connectors (power switch, LED etc) somewhere on the motherboard. in the manual that came with the ASUS, it says that the panel connectors are a white 20-pin (with some pins missing) socket. my panel connector (the one that runs from the power button and that area to the mobo), that worked with my old mobo, is a 5x2 (10 pin) connector with, when your looking at the connector straight on, the bottom right hole filled in, so really it is only a 9 pin connector. on my old mobo, that connector fit perfectly into a socket called 'PANEL'. if anyone is familiar with what I am talking about, where do i need to plug this connector into on my new mobo? will it even work with my new mobo? i have already tried to fit this connector in on my new mobo in that 20-pin socket (which is labeled 'PANEL' by the way) into the corresponding pins, such as the power pins and the speakr pins. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I had to do the same thing temporarily until I got a new case. To make it work, you will have to remove the wires from the old header connector and match the wires with their corresponding pins on the new motherboard. It's fairly easy to do, just use a needle, eyeglass repair flathead screwdriver, knife tip, etc. to lift the little "flap" on the connector. Then, slide the wire's terminal out. Connect each wire to the motherboard as you go so you don't forget which is which. Be careful since the terminals are exposed, if some touch when the computer is on, it might cause a short. In the end, it would be best to get a new case. The above should mainly be as a temporary fix.

    Here's a little something to help with the wires and where they go. I don't know what the colors you have are, but this should still help:
  2. Don't go splicing any wires yet. Try placing the hp case connector on the 9 pin cluster of the new board. I offset the connector, placing only the wires on the cluster, leaving part of the connector hanging off the cluster. The open unwired section doesn't have to be used.
  3. o1die said:
    Don't go splicing any wires yet.

    That's for sure. The sharp objects I mentioned were only to slide the wires out of the 10-pin plastic connector, no cutting/splicing required.
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