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I want to build a Windows 7 Intel computer for use with CS4 Suite and AutoCAD that might last many years and have the power and features to see me into the future also. I have built 8 computers over the years starting back in the mid 90s, but the last build was back in 02'-03' or so. But I am really out of touch on all the latest stuff. I've been on a Mac since 04' at work and home. And Window XP and 2000 were the last Windows OS's I've used. I've not used Vista at all. I was pretty up on all the tweaking of the OS with XP, but it is pretty hazy these days. It should all come back I hope.

I still have that last computer I built (not working and I don't know why) but have not used it in nearly 5yrs. It was an Intel P4 1.6Ghz with Asus TH7II motherboard. I would guess about the only thing I "might" be able to use from that build are the Antec full tower case, some fans, and maybe the Plextor CDRW drive. It had a PC Power and Cooling 500w power supply but I'm not sure if that is usable these days or would be enough power. If I could use any of this stuff and just get up and running with a bare bones system that I could build upon. I have about $400 for starters. I do have a monitor I can use for starters too.

I'd like to go with the Intel processor. I need to go as inexpensive as possible to start. I also need to figure into the build the cost of Windows 7 operating system too.
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  1. Just thought I'd bump this again and see If I could get any input. Yeah I know I don't have $2000+ to spend on a Gaming computer (those seem to be the most replied to) but there ought to be someone in this group that might be able to give some good input on my needs from a Windows 7 PC.
  2. The OS alone will cost $100 unless you can get a student deal or something, so you'll only have $300 to spend on the rest. It's a bit on the low side so it would be better if you could save up a bit more or wait for some good deals to come up on newegg. There's not many at the moment :(
  3. If you want to get a quad core (better in some cases for applications), AMD would have the most affordable options right now. They have one for around $100 and a few that are more powerful for slightly more than that, and it would probably be possible to squeeze together a decent quad core system in to your $300 budget. Your existing case and PSU should be fine.
  4. Ok then, what do you think would be a good amount to start with to get a system up and running? Something that I could upgrade over time to be even better.
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