Msi 550ti oc

having troble with a msi 550gtx stock clock is 950core 1900 shader and useing afterburner i cant oc ove 1000core without driver falure. any one know why..I have a 460gtx stoc 725core and oc it up to 890 core with no problems.
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  1. What VCore are you running at that clock?
  2. 1100 on msi afterburner
  3. Can't hit that. The max I can hit on my 550ti was 1045mhz. That was from an evga superclocked 550ti.
  4. i miss understood sorry thats what i had the voltage set trying to get 1k vcore but cant without driver crash there in sli im wondeing maybe a 700w psu isint enuff?"
  5. Why are you using a 550ti when you have a 460?
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