What can i do with more than 2 displays?

i have two screens at the moment, is there any reason to get a third LCD monitor? what are some possible uses i can have with another screen?
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  1. Do you need a third monitor?

    YES >> get one
    NO >> don't bother
  2. you could game with an ultra wide screen resolution of say 5040x1050 (3 1680x1050 monitors provided you have an ati 5000 series card or a triplehead2go)

    keep a window of ms word open an internet browser open and a computer game on at the same time?
  3. If you are a day trader, the more monitors the better to track stock trends and monitor news.

    For a gamer, extra wide gaming.

    For a non-gamer... meh.
  4. I guess if you can't imagine what to do with a larger desktop you don't need it. I've had three monitors for years, but had 2 computers doing it - including a KVM so I could dual monitor both or easily add a third computer to the mix to build or troubleshoot.
    Most music creation suites love the room as does Photoshop, and video creation is much better with as much timeline as possible - I'm looking forward to a 5770 someday just for the third monitor for everyday work.
    I'd rather get a 5850 or 5870 so I could seriously game with it - wraparound FPS and racing/flyin' games for me, but budget reasons keep me from goin' there I think.
  5. If you are a graphic designer or a stock trader then its great to have more space to spread out your windows so you dont have to change between windows, just change which screen you are looking at. For gaming, with the new 5xxx series it gives you the option to do stuff like this
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