Weird CPU Z memory readings.

I noticed that CPU Z is giving me some weird readings under the memory tab. To be more specific, each time I run the program the reported memory size seems to fluctuate with no apparent reason.

Have a look at the screenshots to better understand what I'm saying:

Then I close and re-open CPU Z and get this:

Any ideas on what may cause the misreadings? :??:
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  1. Is either correct?

    Does Windows Detect the correct amount or fluctuate?
  2. Neither is correct, my actual RAM is 4GB.

    Both Windows and Everest always report 4096MB of RAM, leaving only CPU-Z with these odd readings.
  3. Have you tried any other versions (older) of CPU-Z?
  4. I tried a few older versions as you suggested. It turns out that anything newer than version 1.52 reports false info.

    So I guess they changed something in post-1.52 versions that doesn't like my memory? :??:
  5. Yeah, unfortunately this happens a lot with programs like this. They are usually excellent and accurate, however there is no way that the programmers can test every piece of hardware. You might want to send them an email with your CPU, Motherboard/Chipset, and Ram (and describing the problem, or pointing them here) so they can try to fix it in future releases.
  6. OK I'll do that and hopefully they will fix it in a future release. Thanks for all your help EXT64! ;)
  7. If you buy sticks have sticks that say 1gb on them, they're actually 1024mb.

    Take a look at this module:

    This is marketed as a 1gb module but click the picture to enlarge and go to the second picture. On the right side it specifies 1024mb. 1gb is easier to say than 1024mb and close enough to it, so the computer industry often times refers to 1024mb as 1gb.

    The first two links you provided don't work for me, but if you installed 4gb and it reads 4096mb, then you're good.

    note: A good general rule in computing is that things happen in powers of two. 2^10=1024, 2^12 = 4096.
  8. No, he installed 4 GB and it read 28928 megabytes or 6144 megabytes (in CPU-Z only), so it was purely a CPU-Z glitch.
  9. Oh got you. Like I said, I couldn't pull up the first two links, nor the one in the follow up post. Then you're right, it's a cpu-z glitch.
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