Anyone know a cheap place to buy molex to 3-pin adapters?

On my computer, there's tons of fans, but not enough 3 pin connectors on my motherboard (WTF ASUS? Only one 3-pin connector??). So does anyone know a place to buy some cheap Molex (my PSU gives me way too many of these, SATA power cables work too) to 3 pin connectors? I would prefer to have the cable be something like this:

But if I have to buy a (1 molex input, one 3-pin output), I will.
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  1. Never had a problem, personally, hooking up case fans to psu molex.
    Have 5 case fans currently hooked up to psu(still room for more if needed) = only cpu cooler uses mobo header!
  2. Try Amazon for the adapters. I have had better luck and cheaper prices at Amazon than at Newegg. But I stick with the Egg for everything else.
  3. check ebay, they got good deals
  4. [...] 524&sr=1-1

    I need the same thing and will go with this one. I've never had a problem with Amazon and shop there frequently, so I'll stick to what I know for something this simple.
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