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I'll be applying thermal compound on my Core2duo, since the pre-applied gel is dried up & is in powder form. So, should I just blow it away & wipe the rest with a cloth or do I have to use some compound remover?

And also, please recommend a good/cheap :D compound.

I was planning to get this one -

Edit : I'm using stock cooler, Cpu is not OC'd, not gonna OC. :)
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  1. for that price get this.

    pretty much the best you can get.
  2. i prefer Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound. i find it easier to apply and remove over the arctic silver 5.
    at the end of the day though it wont really matter what thermal compound you use with the stock hs/f with no OC, you will see 2-3 degrees temp difference if that.

    as for cleaning the old thermal compound off i use methylated spirits on a cloth, rubbing alcohol should work to.
  3. Agree with navalweaponsofficer, arctic silver is about the best. Use a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol to clean off all the old compound and any oils from touching the CPU, apply a small dab in the center, spread across the surface (use the edge of a credit card or something similar) and reattach heatsink. Should be good to go.
  4. A few months back I replaced by Mobo, at that time I wiped out almost all of the dried up compound, maybe I shouldn't have done that but I did :whistle:
    Now, only a small amount remains. So, is using spirits or alcohol completely necessary? If I just wipe it off with a cloth\q-tip & apply the new compound, will it cause any problems?
    My cpu is running idle @ 60C, gotta bring it down to something normal.

    And btw, The actual price of the gel I mentioned is $3. I just need a decent one ;)
  5. the spirits or alcohol isnt really necessary just make sure you get all the old compound off.
    comes down to personal preference if u want to use it or not.

    ive changed/reapplied compound so many times over the years, with or without cleaning with alcohol it made little difference to temps, its just good to have 2 nice and clean surfaces.
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    Just use a paper towel and Isoproyl alcohol or alcohol wipes(first aid kit).
    Clean off both surfaces cpu and cooler.
    Good cheap paste!
    Tuniq TX-2
    And ya CM paste is fine if you can get some for $3.
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