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not sure where to put this problem, because I haven't been able to track down what exactly is causing it. Anywho, I have upgraded to Windows 7 with the following specs:

AMD Phenom II 550 (7 mb)
Asus M4A77TD PRO
G.Skill 2Gb DDR3 (1333 Mhz)
Thermaltake Lightpower 700W
Leadtek 8600 GTS

all at @ stock settings with stock cooling

Now this upgrade has worked fine for a couple of days and then I have been getting a mixture of the following BSODS:

I have already tried the following:
- run Memtest on my ONE ram module (in the first DIMM slot) with errors straight away
- moved memory module to DIMM slot 3, ran Memtest again and it comes up clean with no errors
- updated most drivers, including whatever updates where available for windows 7

Now I have not been able to figure out what the problem is, however when it does occur I seem to be stuck inside this infinite loop of BSODS until I do a system restore to a previous time.

Also, the installation was originally windows xp and then I "upgraded" to windows 7, so it wasn't a clean install as such.

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  1. G skill is a reliable brand, but even the best have bad sticks occasionally. The first dimm slot had errors and the third did not, this is unusual. Run the test again.

    If we presume the memory is good, then the motherboard has a bad dimm slot. This MAY mean the mobo has other problems and should be RMA'd.

    I believe it is more likely a bad memory stick, and more easily solved. Get another stick of ram and install the new one only and then test the machine.

    System restore correction of problems indicates that you may have an OS pb. I am curious, if system restore corrected your problems, what caused them to return?

    Possiblity #2, you could have a bricked OS, in which case a re-install would be the cheapest and least labor intensive solution. Unless you have a buddy with a stick of ram, or another pc I would try that first-clean install this time.
  2. Thanks for the response buzznut,

    I shall try solution number two and do a clean slate install of W7. Hopefully that will fix the problem. I have had the RAM stick tested at some computer store, they ran like five mins of memtest (I know its not much but it didn't come up with errors straight away like it did at home).

    Anyhow I will get post back when I have reinstalled W7.

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