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hey guys can need help in getting a hard disk for my comp specs are as follows also dnt wanna go for a full ssd cus of their price ws thinking of the seagate momentus.. wht do ull think??

core i7 920
gtx 285
6gb ddr3 ram
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  1. Nowadays you can find SSDs in the 1GB per $1. Do you really want that beautiful configuration bottleneck by the HDD?
  2. Usage makes a difference. If you're main usage is gaming, hard drive speeds won't affect you much. You will see differences in level loading times, but hard drive speeds won't affect your fps. An SSD is a nice thing, but if you can't afford it, most standard 7200RPM HDDs will do the job.

    The momentus is a good drive, but the Samsung Spinpoint F3 is usually a little cheaper and quieter for the same performance.
  3. thanx a lot for the reply... is the samsung spinpoint a hybrid hdd like the momentus??? will check out how much the ocz costs here...
  4. and i use my pc mostly for gaming and watching movies...
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    Oh, you meant the Momentus XT. The standard Momentus is a regular HDD and not a hybrid, but the Momentus XT has the hybrid HDD/SSD.

    No, the spinpoint is a standard magnetic HDD and will not perform as well as the XT for *some* tasks. However, I would be relatively certain that a standard drive and the XT will perform the same in gaming - even for things like load times. The SSD part of the XT essentially acts like a giant cache and then the driver/OS intelligently tries to store your most commonly used files on the 4GB SSD. However, 4GB is not very much and your operating system files are used far more often than your gaming files, so the OS files would be the ones that saw the speed increase. Because of that you wouldn't see any gaming difference between the XT and a traditional hard drive. However the XT would boot and navigate windows faster than traditional hard drives.
  6. thanx again for the reply... i think ill stick to the basic hdd then... thanx again..
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